If you're here, then I believe you are looking for quality and affordable solar streetlights from a certified and verified vendor.

In 5 minutes, I will walk you through how you can get what you're looking for plus the extra benefits that come with it such as a 3-year warranty and free CCTV cameras.

First of all, let me show you the types of solar streetlights we have and their prices. (Note that all our streetlights come with the real number of watts. We do not insincerely exaggerate wattages in our company). 

👉 1.) The 300 WATTS

Price = 3500 Naira 28,000 Naira

The 300 Watts solar streetlight is another low-budget solar streetlight for your homes, offices, streets and community projects. This Solar light is very bright and lights throughout the night without going off. Like all our solar streetlights, it also comes with a 3-year warranty.






👉 2.) 1,500 WATTS

Price = 50,000 Naira 45,000 Naira

The 1,500 watts is a very bright solar streetlight that can be mounted anywhere. If you are the type that likes your compound or office to be super bright at night to scare off intruders, then this is the right streetlight for you. 



👉 4.) The 20-EYES (2,000 WATTS)

Price = 55,000 Naira 50,000 Naira

The 2,000 Watts solar streetlight is powerful and extremely bright. It can be used in your home, office and shops. In addition, it can be used in your gardens, farms and hotels. It will certainly scare off intruders at night owing to its extreme brightness. With powerful monocrystalline panels and lithium-ion batteries, this solar light can be on for 4 nights without being charged under the sun. The 2,000 watts is ideal for big projects for individuals and companies.


👉 5.)  2,500 WATTS

Price = 60,000 Naira 55,000 Naira

The 2,500 Watts solar streetlight is certainly the biggest plastic-body solar light you will see in the market today. It is for big projects like traffic light installations. it is the best for big hotels and large farms and gardens. It is very popular for use as street lights in estates where tight security is highly needed. It has a very high lumen and comes with monocrystalline panels. We only sell the 6-battery solar lights and the price goes for 55,000 Naira instead of 60,000 Naira.

Features of our solar streetlights

  12 lighting hours

 Lithium-ion batteries

 Very high lumen

 Mono-crystalline panels

 Excellent brightness

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  Free shipping

Free doorstep delivery

Free replacements and repairs

Payment on delivery if resident in Lagos

Money-back guaranty

3 years warranty


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How do I know if this is a scam?

Due to the large number of fraudsters in Nigeria, our company has decided to give our customers assurance and confidence by accepting PAYMENT-ON-DELIVERY. This means that you can only make payment after you have seen and tested the items you ordered.

We also offer free intrastate deliveries to our customers in any state. However, waybill charges for orders outside of Lagos State must paid by the customers.


How do I place my order?

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