(for your hotels, homes ad offices)

Unbreakable, decorative, flexible and affordable

Circular Design


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Product Description

  • This is not a glass mirror. It's made of acrylic and cannot be shattered.


  • Has different sizes of 15 Cm x 27 Cm, 20 Cm x 30 Cm, and 40 Cm x 60 Cm FLEXIBLE FRAMELESS PLASTIC MIRROR: Crafted from 1mm Acrylic Sheet for long-lasting use and durability. Using high-quality plastic materials, it is very beautiful and durable, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic.


  • EASY TO PASTE ON WALL: The reflective surface of the mirror stickers makes your room brighter, and these mirror wall stickers can be pasted on any smooth and clean surface.


  • VERSATILE WALL MIRROR: Add the distortion-free frameless Multi shaped wall mirror to any room of your home or apartment, like your entryway, bathroom, living room, hallway, or as bedroom mirror.


  • How to Use: There is a protective film on the surface of the product. The protective film can be removed by scraping it with your fingernail.

Additional Details

  • These mirror wall stickers are MADE IN INDIA. It's made with high-quality 1 mm thick acrylic mirror sheets. Material: acrylic (plexiglass). Cut on an industrial-grade laser machine. It's very light in weight, shatter-proof, safe for kids, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. It comes with a protective film on the front side and is self-adhesive at the back. You have to peel the back paper and stick it on any flat surface like a wall, door, furniture etc. We have multi colours like silver, gold, red, black, blue etc. These shiny multi-coloured mirror stickers are ideal for applying on clean & dry smooth finished surfaces like ceramic tiles, wooden, metal, glass, and plastic surfaces.